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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: abc7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. that breaking news from san jose, two injured after an overnight fire at a residental complex, including a firefighter. >> m joins us live from the scene onio low court. daring rescues. >> reporter: daring rescues and -- and other different things happening as a result of this one unit apartment fire which is now out two injured, one at the hospital, the other refusing to go. yes, -- pictures showing ladder going up to the second floor. fire broke out about 4:30 firefighters responded they had this knocked down quickly. before they could knock it down, there was a woman inside that apartment, who says she
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woke up to flames, woken up not by the flames but her dog barking. she jumps out the window and then realizes her dog is still in there and decides to go back in. meantime, there are two people downstairs in wheelchairs who managed to get out. let's hear the story from the woman who was inside the apartment that burned. what she is saying that is when the she got out of the apartment she realized the dog was in, went back in grabbed this dog, rather large dog, dragged it out she got on top of a shed outside the apartment that is 12, 15 feet high san jose police arrived, saw her up there, threw up a ladder they found on the ground, regular ladder you might have at your house, got her down. she was suffering from smoke inhalation, she refused to go to the hospital. firefighter injured, burned his leg fighting this fire.
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the fire is now out. cause under investigation. right now there are people in this four-plex who are not being allowed back in their house. the ones who live where the fire burned, going to be a while until they can get back in. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. our time is 6:02. whether you are getting kids dressed for school or making plans to attend the game tonight, quick look at the weather. you want a light coat for both maybe a heavier coat tonight. cloud cover over the bay area, flight arrival delays into sfo just announced of 69 minutes i am use our flight tracker abc7 temperatures top out breezy upper 50s to upper 60s by 4:00, inland temperatures will top out in the low 70s to possibly upper 70s by 4:00, coast will see a
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little sun upper 50s to low 60s. >> good morning. getting a report of a muni delay, inbound/outbound metro at church and crews are on scene some sort of signal problem. we'll follow that. drive times right now 680 through the san ramon valley good 101 out of santa rosa into novato under 30 minutes. east shore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze just about 20 minutes. elsewhere live shot at the san mateo bridge things are moving well. morning commute could get a little quicker for people who use caltrain. more trains and extra stops are coming. amy hollyfield is live at the a university avenue station. >> reporter: this is the second busiest station that they on the line. the busiest is in san francisco they will be adding a t in palo alto, great news for commuters who use
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this station. -- people we've been talking to say the ride home from work is really uncomfortable because there are so many people. caltrain officials acknowledge something needs to be done. so, they plan to add trains and restore some others. ridership is up, in june they hit all-time high and crowds are an issue. >> come in the morning it is not crowded when i go back to my home, it is crowded, difference of the time i think. what do you think about the fact they are adding more trains? -- >> we need more -- [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: it will be in the evening you will see more trains. there will be a new train leave san francisco 6:20 in the evening northbound leave san jose 4:30 in the morning you won't see new trains until 9:30 new trains in both
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directions and 2:30 in the afternoon in going to start october 1st. it is happening in a couple of weeks. caltrain officials are hoping this will buy some relief to crowded customers. -- this will bring some relief to crowded customers. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. california state university's full board of trustees is expected to sign off today on a contingency plan for another tuition hike. finance committee passed a land yesterday to raise tuition 5% in january, if voters reject governor brown's tax initiative on the november ballot. if prop 30 fails it would trying a 250 million dollar funding cut. registering to rote in california now just a mouse click or tablet swipe way the state is launching new online voter registration system today. until now people had to fill out a paper card and mail it to county election offices. verification for the new
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online system is made by using dmv records so the system is only available for people who have a drivers license or state issued. did card. also new -- >> new polls released overnight show mitt romney falling behind in key battleground states. romney attended a fundraiser last night in utah, solidly red state. new polls find romney slightly behind president obama in wisconsin, ohio and virginia. the gallup poll shows the two remain neck-and-neck nationally. stay with abc7 morning news much more on the race for president, coming up. a story only on abc7 news, napa state hospital stepping up security to protect employees. replacing old lanyards that could be used by violent patients to strangle hospital workers. the new lanyards are the brain child of a hospital tech. three break i was split apart
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easy fully an attacker pulls too hard. alarm embedded signals hospital police. the new alarms will launch -- -- launched last month two years after a tech was strangled by patient. bisexual pride celebrated in berkeley, declared september 20 nerd, is bisexual pride and bi-visibility day. councilmember didn't even -- berkeley is believed to be the first city in the nation to officially proclaim day recognizing bisexual people. :07. a lot going on today, hopefully, you got the weather to cooperate. >> mike recommends light jacket. a few clouds not as thick or widespread as yesterday that has allowed fog to form more dew in the morning, car,
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grass nights keep getting longer valleys up north have the fog half mile visibility at santa rosa napa 3/4 at novato everybody else okay. as far as summer spread, getting smaller, pacifica 57° oakland jump up 10° to 66, inland still warm you have to go out to brentwood to get to jut 80 three -- to just 83°. 60s bay, upper 50s to near 60 along the coast. monterey bay afternoon sunshine also about 60 monterey, 70 santa cruz mid 70s into morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. tomorrow like today well below average small warping friday and saturday time for traffic. good morning. happy wednesday. live look at the bay bridge toll, metering lights not on yet, you will find slow
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traffic if you are paying cash carpool and fastrak lanes are whizzing by, no delays on the upper deck into the city. new accident westbound 7 -- 780 at lemon street, two left lanes blocked slow traffic approaching the scene things pick up once you reap 80. elsewhere that surface -- surface street accident in san lorenzo, northbound lanes are blocked and we have a muni metro delay with the inbound church ferry slow outbound resumed service. still ahead, and new, the warning about a common food you probably have in your kitchen right now. keeping your dishes clean, michael finney is ahead with the detergents leaving plates, forks and cups spotless. later, robin roberts sends fans and supporters
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welcome back. just released report finds there's arsenic in rice. consumer reports testified 200 samples and found arsenic in organic and regular varieties. now the organization is asking the fda to set limits on how much arsenic can be in rice. rice trade group says there is no evidence of negative health effects from exposure to arsenic in rice. general motors a will have more at 7:00 -- "good morning america" will have more at 7:00. new numbers show the
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nation's obesity rate continues to climb by 2030, 13 states could of s -- rates over 60%. critics say it is difficult to predict future weight trends. the new study from -- [ inaudible ] choosing a dish washing detergent used to be simple laws have changed so have the formulations. michael finney with the latest on which brands clean the best. >> reporter: good morning. after manufacturers removed polluting phosphate two years ago, some detergents couldn't get the job done. consumer reports testified more than a dozen to find out if things have cleared up. she couldn't figure out why her dishwasher wasn't cleaning her dishes well and why were they turning filmy? >> i tried loading differently, different detergent. >> reporter: when consumer reports evaluated detergents
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last year some left a white film on glassware this used to be a clear glass plate. consumers complained too, some manufacturers reformulated their phosphate-free engineer tends. >> we developed a test toe val hard water glassware is likely to develop a film. >> reporter: aluminum can discolor, loaded with clear plates and shorter aluminum sheets they add deter and repeat the test 20 times to see how well the deter yens clean away food, another tough test -- messy mix of 17 ingredients applied to plates and then baked on. >> some of the worst left food on the plates many look at this >> reporter: the lowest rated detergent, green mission organic dishwasher gel from whole foods. cascade with dawn action packs stand out, great val will you
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from wal-mart close behind and caused far less both do a good job cleaning dishes and don't leave a filmy-build-up. consumer reports says there are a number of things you can do to get dishes cleaner, using a rinse agent facing the dirty side of the dishes towards water jets and separating flatware. i'm michael finney, seven on your side. >> i love those packs makes the job easier. >> hand 'em to your kids and the kids put them in the dishwasher? >> no i have chores with a capital "c." we have fewer clouds -- [ unintelligible ] >> still have delays at sfo and significant. >> i think -- 69 minutes should clear up quickly as the clouds would do the same. you to figure outer rick's
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honey do list. breaks in the clouds, late arriving just as late as they are arriving they will be quickly to head back to the coast where you will see sun this afternoon. live doppler showing good news clouds so thin and not dropping moisture we are dry this morning. fog a concern in the north bay, temperatures napa, and santa rosa, 48, 49, 49 in redwood city, everybody else low to 50s oakland 57. 40s santa cruz and watsonville, mid 50s monterey, salinas and gilroy. sunshine spreads quickly today, it will be buffetted by strong sea breeze that will keep our afternoon highs below average today and tomorrow. brief warming trend as sea breeze pulls back then comes back sunday through tuesday. today within three degrees of where were you yesterday. as far as the cloud cover,
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making that late push right now through 8:00 and then already out of the inland valleys by 9:00 except fog north bay valleys 11:00 sunshine throughout the bay. 50s and 60s, 70s and 80s the rest of us you have -- upper 60s to low 70s most of the south bay, mid to upper 60s peninsula millbrae 61. upper 50s along the coast low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. pockets of sun and upper 50s at your beaches mid to upper 60s east bay shore. east bay valleys, 76 dublin, 83 brentwood, 60 monterey, 70 santa cruz mid 70s inland. rockies and giants 7:15 going to be a brisk 58°. temperatures will get back to
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average friday and state before tapering sunday through tuesday. good morning. busy out there, 80 westbound past golden gate fields headed towards the macarthur maze in a lot of company slower speeds not at the limit eastbound moving nicely. elsewhere, a little bit of slow traffic through walnut creek southbound 680 been. ing up with brake lights as you hit highway 24. 680 south through san ramon valley moving well towards the dublin pleasanton interchange. san jose headlights snaking on 280 past 17 young tupbgs towards cupertino, no delay -- things moving at the limit in that direction. accident westbound 780 approaching 80 at lemon traffic backing towards glen cove things pick up once you get towards 80 freeway. we still have muni inbound church delay due to signal
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problems very slow muni service at this hour. it is 6:10 still ahead, a's very much in the case try to go for a rebound. >> what robin roberts is revealing about her battle with a rare blood disorder a day before she is scheduled to undergo a bone marrow transplant.
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welcome back. robin roberts updating fans about her health. she tweeted overnight, just completed chemo today is day of rest. positive thoughts, words and deeds. how everyday should be. love you from the both top of my greatful heart. roberts' completion of chemo comes ahead of her bone marrow transplant scheduled for tomorrow. her sister will be her donor. she battling a rare blood disorder. you can leave her a note on her facebook page. >> all our best to robin, hurry back. late this around a's will try to rebound after getting routed by the tigers last night cabrera hit two homers tigers pounded a's 12-2, a's lead wild card by three, trail al west division leading rangers by three, with 15 games remaining. giants reduce magic number to
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seven last night with a win over the rockies lincecum had a solid outing, winning his straight game. giant as head 3-1, giants win 6-3 over colorado. >> we play again 7:15 tonight. still ahead, continuing to follow breaking news from san , two injured after overnight fire. president obama -- president obama make as appearance on late night tv and responds for the first time after mitt romney's controversial comments about taxes and the 47%. the men accused of beating giants' fan brian stow make another court appearance. high temperatures about 5 to 13° cooler than average, 50s coast, 60s bay, 70s inland. antioch could hit 80s. 85 portland today, 78 in seattle, cooler weather
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spreading from the great lakes to the eastern see bod board. -- seaboard. all major airports away from sfo on time, san francisco has 69 mine flight arrival delays.
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good morning. wednesday, september 19th, here's a gorgeous live look outside from our rooftop camera looking at the embarcadero in san francisco, bay bridge and clouds overhead with a few breaks. it is going to be a nice day albeit still cloudy. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. temperatures in the 40s and 50s fog up north, even with clouds doppler is showing it dry for your morning. clouds moving into the bay late this morning, upper 40s to mid 50s sunshine by noon, breezy this afternoon upper 50s to upper 60s. inland warmest after we get rid of the fog up north sunshine by noon, mid 60s to low 70s 4:00 upper 60s to upper 70s. at the coast cloudy this morning, good amount of sunshine like just like
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yesterday, brisk upper 50s to low 60s. we also have flight an lively delays into sfo, about 70 minutes, so call ahead. good morning. expect delays around at&t park game time and prior. convention at mosconey center with howard street closed between third and fourth south of market going to be busy most of the day. bay bridge toll, metering lights turned on. traffic backing past the over crosses, over passes into san francisco, metering lights on, upper deck is getting a little crowded. accident through petaluma things slow south 101 past cast takenia. drive times from santa rosa to novato, -- 80 east shore freeway and westbound 580 through the altamont pass. breaking news from san jose. two people injured in an overnight fire. terry mcsweeney is live there onio low court. what are the victim -- on yolo
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court. terry one of the victims refused medical treatment? sorry about the loss of terry's audio. one of the injured was a firefighter, one person suffered smoke inhalation, we will check in with terry later to get more information about that fire. new this morning, san francisco police officer is under investigation after surveillance video caught her shoplifting jewelry from bloomingdale's, while in uniform. no word on when or the name of the officer. no charges have been filed. an internal police investigation is underway. the san francisco police department is not commenting on the case. sources close to the investigation say, store surveillance appears to show the officer lifting something from a display case.
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>> two men accused of beating giants' fan brian stow more than a year ago could be on trial the end of the year. they appeared in a los angeles courtroom. new public defender assigned. sanchez and nor wood are expected back in court obvious -- november 27th, the trial is expected to start within 20 days of that november appearance. they've both pleaded not guilty. richmond ballot measure would put a pennye an ounce tax on sugary dings drawing big money -- the ski industry is planning on spending a million dollars in the next few weeks to take down the tax, $45 per voting household in richmond supporters say it sneeded to help fight childhood obesity they argue a typical child easts 40 pounds of sugar each year. cal trains will be adding new trains because of increase
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in ridership. southbound and northbound train added to the evening commute starting october 1st. four shoulder trains which one run between morning and afternoon will be restored those trains were halted because of budget problems three years ago. cal trains hopes the at decisions will lighten crowding. >> back too our breaking news out you have san jose where two are injured in an overnight fire. terry mcsweeney is live on yolo court. a person was offered medical treatment, did she decline it? >> reporter: she declined it and became belligerent to the police handcuffed her and put her in the back of the squad car until she calmed down. right now she is being treated in the back of an ambulance. hot flames and high drama everywhere you look. take a look at pictures from earlier. this was a second floor single unit apartment fire. there's a four-plex there the main point of the fire upstairs a woman was there,
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she says two others were with her. they got out, she was there, and she was wake ed by her barking dog. -- she was awakened by her barking dog. this was the same woman handcuffed in the police officer's car. >> a little shed right there, below the window. i tried to get her to jump out. she wouldn't so i had to jump back in and try to pick her up. >> reporter: she had gotten out on to a shed, realized her dog was still in, went back and grabbed the dog and when she was on that shed, are, -- 12, 15 feet in the air, police officers saw her, grabbed a ladder and got her down. san jose police helping out. one firefighter was injured, burned his leg, had to be
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taken to the hospital. two injuries we have, one to the hospital one still on the scene. firefighters expect him to be okay he walked to the ambulance. the cause of the fire under investigation. the woman we talked to was saying the flames when she woke up the flames were coming out of a bedroom maybe not the kitchen maybe a bedroom fire somehow, that is under investigation. the fire is out. still hot spots so firefighters are staying here on the scene. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. republican presidential candidate mitt romney hits the campaign trail today facing deepening controversy over the video of him disparaging nearly half of americans. president obama took a jab at his opponent on late night tv. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: this morning mitt romney has a fundraiser in atlanta and two in miami president obama is spending a rare full day at the white house. the president coming off
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appearance on the late show with david letterman. he took the opportunity last night to take a jab at his opponents and the remarks romney made in secretly recorded video. romney told supporters nearly half of americans believe they are victims, entitled to government support and as a he doesn't feel a need to worry about them. >> the president: one of the things i've learned as president is, you represent the entire country. my expectation is if you want to be president you gotta work for everybody, not just for some. >> reporter: mother jones magazine published the recording the coed for tells abc7 news the person who did the recording is someone who was excited about being in the room with a presidential candidate that the tape did not come from opposition researchers or a political campaign. we know it was president carter's grandson, james carter iv who acted as a liaison between who recorded the video and the magazine.
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carter says he agrees with his twitter followers who call it poetic justice. new poll shows 47% of likely voters would pick the president today. 46% say they will vote for romney, close race. katie marzullo, abc7 news. war the per 10s or the odds of seeing delays at sfo this morning with the clouds we have? >> let's check in with mike. one -- 100% guaranteed. good morning. about 69 minutes at sfo. fog big story. visibility low around santa rosa, napa, half mile, 3/4 mile at novato the rest of us okay. summer spread getting smaller, as we get choser to -- closer to the end of summer.
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the rest of the temperatures, 70s for most inland neighborhoods, 60s bay, oakland 66 and san francisco 63 upper 50s coast partly cloudy this afternoon. monterey bay from 60, 67 watsonville, 70 santa cruz inland mid 70s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. thursday just as cool as today, coolest in the three-day forecast, slow and slight warming trend rolls in friday and saturday. fall arrives saturday into sunday. sue has traffic. now to petaluma southbound 101 past cast teenia slow through to -- cast takenia, slow due to a truck accident, south 680 through walnut creek bumper-to-bumper brake lights past north main to highway 24. reports of a stall in the
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middle of caldecott tunnel now westbound 24, we'll follow that. southbound 101 from marin and i did want to show you your waze app, traffic reporters showing very slow traffic out of roanoke park due to ask southbound 101 bumper-to-bumper past the scene past san antonio road. ahead, one big box retailer getting ready to hire just in time for the holidays and trading is underway on wall street. the dow off two points. first and new, endeavour takes off from florida on its way to
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another cooler than average day, live doppler over the last three hours dry across state warmest in palm springs 104, 95 fresno. upper 80s chico, sacramento and yosemite, a lot of sunshine except near you are week cloud -- eureka cloudy and 60. 6:44. >> it is time to check in with amy for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00.
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good morning. good morning. great to be with you both. coming up on gma, caught on camera, a wife under surveillance in her home, by her own husband tracking her every move for months. she is asking him to pay up. secret recordings at the heart of a bitter legal battle. >> plus, new warnings about a popular food in everyone's pantry. worrisome levels of arsenic in many common types of rice products. >> is jennifer aniston really pregnant? the viral video that has all of hollywood talking, all of us laughing. we have fun today with our friends from sesame street, they are here and they are literally taking over the studio, you don't want to miss that. more about lindsey -- about lindsay lohan's arrest. >> i knew parking was a problem in new york, not that
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big a problem. >> not parking, hitting a pedestrian and leaving. >> in your porsche. thank you amy. new this morning, the endeavour has left florida bound for california. new video in showing the shuttle piggyback on top of a 747. the shuttle was set to leave florida earlier this week storms delayed the mission. the final destination is the california science center in los angeles. first, friday morning the shuttle will leave edwards fair force base pass over the state capitol in sacramento then over hayward 8:30 a.m. back up the east bay over oakland, richmond and sausalito before circling over the go go bridge. then, a low level -- before the golden gate bridge. then a low level fly over at moffett field. >> in the bay area friday, we'll keep you posted.
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australia will not be legally -- legalizing same-sex marriage they voted against the legislation today. polls show most australians support giving gays and lesbian the right to marry. the prime minister remains opposed. major retailer getting ready to hire tens of thousands for the holidays. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. also new home construction up in august, thanks to groundbreaking -- fastest pace of ground breaking in more than two years. permits increased at highest level since march of 2010. yesterday report measuring confidence among construction companies, housing market getting traction a dirkal information at the top of the hour on existing home sales. here's how the markets look,
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quiet, hardly moving. bloomberg index the same story. time for your daily apple. shares so far this morning, they did close over $700 a share for the first time yesterday. today saturday that apple is rolling out new operating system with own maps feature instead of using google maps. yesterday we talked about kohl's looking to hire 53,000 season workers. target hiring 80,000 to 90,000 workers this holiday season down from the 92,000 target hired last year. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. we were talking about the endeavour over houston now, bay area friday are we going to break the morning clouds pattern by then? >> probably not.
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i'm hoping the winds will kick out maybe thin it out enough we could see it towards the end of the flight definitely will see it farther south. good morning south south sees from our roof cam clouds -- south southeast, from our roof cam, clouds are very thin, not much moisture and definitely being stubborn, you can see it is very dry as far as temperaturesin the 40s north bay valleys redwood city everybody else in the 50s fog up north around the monterey bay upper 40s for santa cruz and watsonville, everybody else inland in the mid 50s with cloudy conditions, sunshine quicker today buffetted by cooling sea breeze, temperatures below average today and tomorrow, brief warming friday and saturday, temperatures below average through the rest of the weekend into next week. five degrees cooler in livermore than average at 79. high in oakland 66, nine
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degrees cooler than average. highs in the south bay upper 60s to low 70s, los gatos 74. millbrae 61 everybody else in the mid to upper 60s upper 50s coast brisk day, low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. low to mid 70s north bay valleys. mainly 60s along the east bay shore, a lot of 70s east bay valleys pittsburg, antioch, brentwood low to mid 80s. monterey bay 70 santa cruz 60 monterey. at&t is going to be cool, first pitch 58, dropping to 54. 40s in the north bay valleys, fog there, mainly cloudy for rest of us low to mid 50s. three areas of low pressure spin around this trough
6:51 am
reinforcing the sea breeze and why temperatures are cooler than average. as long as that weak low hangs there today and tomorrow cool effort than average it moves briefly friday and saturday. cooler again with low reestablishing sunday, monday and tuesday san mateo with a live shot of the san mateo bridge, tail lights towards the highrise hazy, traffic flowing nicely sluggish from the east bay towards the peninsula. bumper-to-bumper 80 westbound into the macarthur maze moving no significant major accidents or stalls just in a lot of company. problem 101 southbound at cast teenia and petaluma earlier -- at cast teenia, and petaluma earlier truck accident. here's your traffic waze app, this is a free app you can download this is highway 24
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westbound towards the caldecott tunnel, why so slow? stall in the center bore blocking right lane traffic is slow out of orinda to the tunnel. new numbers out today show black male students are improving high school graduation rates but still lag behind other students. 52% of black males who entered 9th grade in 2006 graduated four years later compares to 78% of white males and 58% of hispanic males. 2010 is the first year more than half of black males graduated high school in four years since the foundation began tracking numbers in 2004. new this morning from new york city, lindsay lohan arrested again. actress reportedly facing charges for leaving the scene of an accident after hitting a pedestrian with a car she was driving.
6:53 am
she struck the man while parking her black porsche near a chelsea nightclub the man in his 30s was taken to the hospital with a knee injury and released. she went into the club and when she came out she was given a ticket to appear in court. alcohol does not seem to be a factor at this point this is the latest in a string of incidents for the troubled actress who is making a court appearance soon. here are five things to know before you go: number one, san jose firefighter suffered leg injury while trying to put out an apartment fire that started 4:30 this morning. a resident also suffered smoke inhalation but refused medical treatment. >> number two, caltrain will be adding new trains to its schedule because of increase in ridership. new southbound and northbound train will be added to the
6:54 am
evening commute beginning october 1st. four shoulder trains will be restored. >> number three, endeavour bound for california this morning. it left florida as you see, approaching houston now. it will be flying over the bay area friday morning before heading to los angeles. >> number four, new poll suggests race between president obama and mitt romney remains neck-and-neck. romney campaigning today amid ongoing controversy over recorded video in which he says he can't worry about nearly half the population dependent on government. president obama told david letterman that the president has to work for everybody. number five, robin roberts is updating about her health. today is a day of rest after completing chemotherapy. her transplant is scheduled for tomorrow. >> sending robin lots of love from the bay area.
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>> right now mike with your accuweather forecast. good morning. live doppler quiet late arriving clouds and nearly 70 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. fog up north, 40s and 50s, a few 40s redwood city. a lot of sunshine by the afternoon. at the coast breeze will mix-up the atmosphere enough you will get pockets of sun upper 50s throw 60s. cool breezes keep temperatures well below average. inland most of us in the 70s. 80s out the highway 4 corridor. back to the bay bridge toll, metering lights on traffic very, very slow, backed towards the west grand overcrossing into the maze. upper deck is a little sluggish moving into the city pretty well. live look at san rafael south 101 past lucas valerie road
6:56 am
southern marin traffic moving nicely. westbound 24 a look at our waze app, it is very, very slow due to a stall inside the caldecott tunnel in the middle bore. that is blocking the right lane there. expect delays out of orinda, if you are headed westbound 24 at this hour. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> another reminder, here's a look at the all new afternoon line-up: >> enjoy that weather and you can get your weather on your iphone app or new alarm clock app for your iphone wake up to latest headlines, weather, traffic, right there on your
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phone. >> do people still ask you to do the coffee, coffee? >> they ask what my new drink of choice is. [ talking over each other ] >> enjoy the day. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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